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Rigid Frame
Our rigid-frame buildings can be as small as a horse barn or as large as a factory. The buildings can be as simple as your land area allows, or as exceptional as your imagination allows. Customized sizes begin at 30' x 40' x 10'Meet with our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your metal building needs. On-site structural technicians will design your building with the latest software to meet code requirements and bring your ideas to life.
We use only the finest materials Your building's primary frame is factory-coated in primer with rust inhibitors. Indaco's quality control ensures your sheet metal, trim, and components meet the industry's highest standards. Easy assembly No welding is required. All parts come factory-welded, identified, marked, and pre-punched. We include a full set of straight-forward erection drawings for you or your contractor.
Truss Frame
Our fully engineered metal truss buildings can be welded or bolted together - it's your choice! Packages are available in 6 standard widths at 3/12 pitch - from 20x20 to as large as 60x120. Other pitches are also available.
Easily incorporate energy-saving, eye-pleasing windows and skylights into your building design. Indaco's translucent fiberglass skylight panels (best applied on walls, not roofs) shine brilliantly and interlock with our metal sheets. If it's windows you're envisioning, let us know how many and in what size. At Indaco Metals, we will provide you with the additional framing members and trim to make your ideas a reality. Stay comfortable with vinyl-reinforced insulation, which is provided as an option with every Indaco building. Certified R-10 is our standard issue, but a variety of thicknesses and R-values are available to meet your needs.
Metal Roofing
Carports & Patio Covers
IndacoMetal Roofing Benefits
Noise Contol-You will be amazed at how quiet an Indaco Metals roof will remain all year long.

Our panels aren’t just painted, they’re fortified with a high-performance, two-coat, modified siliconized polyester coating. When baked onto the metal, the molecules chemically bond, forming a durable finish that resists damage by ultraviolet rays, does not flake, and fades only slightly over the decades (as all roofing materials will)
ll Carports Are Not Created Equal

Before you exchange your hard-earned money for just anybody’s metal carport, insist on Indaco Metals to protect your vehicle or patio. Our fully engineered metal structural carports and patio covers can be welded or screwed together - your choice. 

All we need is the carport’s dimensions and your color choices. We’ll manufacture and design the frame and sheet products to match your specifications.
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